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My 20 Top Fine Motor Activities


Fun & play based, these 20 top fine motor activities for preschoolers & young children (3.5 to 6 years) will fast track their fine motor skills & help with school readiness.


Children spend up to 60% of their class time using their hands & fingers in fine motor activities for learning but many struggle to due a lack strength & coordination.

We trialed this combination of 20 activities over a 3 year period. As the benefits & feedback from the children, their parents & educators was so positive, we filmed these new video tutorials.

I'm playing with two brothers, ages 4 & 5 years. Each activity takes less than 5 minutes. Watch how to build strength & coordination in little hands & fingers, develop good pencil grasp, enjoy colouring & teach basic scissor skills while integrating letter sounds, number concepts & other important early learning skills.

  • On purchase, you'll receive password access to my 20 online 'low to no prep' fine motor video tutorials 

  • Plus access to 4 online pages of tutorial notes with low-cost materials for each activity, tips for implementation & benefits

View a sample video (no. 5 - Cardboard Crunchers) with tutorial notes & image of materials below.

Tutorial Notes for Activity 5: Cardboard Crunchers 

Copyright: Ingrid C. King, MScOT

You'll need: scissors (child-sized for their preferred hand); empty cardboard food box e.g. cereal; plastic bowl/plate; puppet (can use an old sock & attach or draw on eyes)


It works well to sit opposite each other (especially on the floor). It is easier to snip once across thinner cardboard strips. Tear wider strips as they become better at controlling the scissors. Reinforce the thumbs up position when holding the scissors & also the strip of cardboard. If the ring & little fingers don't fit into the scissor loop ensure they remain tucked into the palm (can hold cotton ball or small pom-pom).

Benefits include:
Training basic scissor skills (important prewriting skill); strengthening the fingers that control the scissors (with resistance from lightweight cardboard); strengthening the small muscles of the hand (include opening & closing puppet's mouth); hand eye coordination; bilateral integration (using the two hands in a coordinated way)

Cardboard Crunchers 2_edited.jpg
My 20 Top Fine Motor Activities
My Top 20 Fine Motor Activities $10


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