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FREE Training Materials from the Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Program 

Fine Motor 101: How fine motor skills develop & how to select effective activities


In this free instructional video I explain:


  • How children's motor skills develop, along with the ages and stages of when we expect to see important fine motor skills established in children ages 2 to 6 years


  • There are a multitude of gross & fine motor activities to chose from but why are some activities designed to improve fine motor skills more effective than others?


  • What does a good fine motor program look like and why?

Helpful reading material based on this video:



Now days many children don't have enough outdoor play opportunities to develop their gross motor skills which can lead to fine motor delays. Fine motor readiness involves a lot more than putting Lego pieces together or swiping on an iPad.


Is your child physically ready for school? Use the fine motor skill & ability check to see.

How much do you know about fine motor skills and school readiness?

We instruct children out of what we know.


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