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Fantastic Fingers® fine motor & early learning products

Here's an overview with links to learn more & buy one product at a time. Use your phone to buy if you have problems using another device. After purchase you'll get an email with the product link for up to 3 downloads.

If you want to buy a second product, you'll need make a new purchase. 

Fantastic Fingers eBook Package.jpg

Fantastic Fingers® Program eBook Package - single adult user licence or multi-user licence (25 adults)

eBook with 100 activities plus 100 printables, action songs in MP3 format & online video access with password

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Fine Motor Skill Builders.jpg

Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Skill Builders

Three PDF booklets are graded in order of difficulty each with 10 fine motor activities. Every activity is explained carefully with photos & tips for best outcomes

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Fine motor skills program

Fantastic Fingers® Program Hard Copy Package

Hard copy book with 100 activities, links to download 100 printables, songs in MP3 format & online video access with password 

Plus while stocks last: CD & DVD 

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My 20 Top Fine Motor Activities

My 20 Top Fine Motor Activities

Watch me play my top fine motor & early learning games with two boys to prepare them for school. This is a new online collection of 20 activity video tutorials with online pages of tips & benefits

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FF Handwriting Foundations Screen.jpg

Fantastic Fingers® Handwriting Foundations Screen

Quickly identify whether children have the underlying skills for writing readiness

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Get Fit for School Webinar.jpg

Get Fit for School Webinar - Popcorn & Animals Make My Muscles Strong!

This 75 min teaching video can be viewed on demand. It contains over 50 creative, therapeutic play-based activities including play ideas with groups of children

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