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FREE activities & resources from the Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Program 


To make it easier for you to access the free learning & motor activities, tips & information on this website, here are the links listed by topic including fun songs & activities, worksheets, theory & research on fine motor skills:

Free 11 page activity sample - from the Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Program. Sample contains: animal character worksheets, instructions for 11 activities, song 'Wrist Rhymes' from Track 3 of the program, fortnightly program sheet with materials list, and evaluation questions.

Watch the instructional activity video

Free 20 printable worksheets offer - sign up for my occasional newsletters & you will receive 20 complimentary worksheets in PDF format. The worksheets are based on a party theme. Children help the animals get ready, make food & fix presents! Ages 4-6

Free 14 page story in PDF - the 3 Friends show children how to hold the pencil in a good tripod grip to 'drive the Pencil Car'. Includes a printable activity sheet to make a Pencil Car Licence, and answers to FAQ about pencil grip e.g. How should left handers hold their pencil?

Tips: How to Teach Good Pencil Grip

Free song on video for developing pencil grip - Tricky Thumb shows children actions that will help them to hold their pencil in a good grip and also develop coordinated finer movements for writing efficiently. 'Let's Drive the Pencil Car' is also a good finger warm-up song prior to doing handwriting.

Free fine motor skills & ability check -

Does my child have the necessary underlying motor abilities for success at school? Use this table top activity with your preschool, kindergarten or prep child (ages 4 to about 6). The check covers what to look out for, and relevant activities and videos to help improve their abilities.

Fine motor milestones ages 2-6 -

What types of fine motor skills should my child be able to do at different stages of their motor development? How does a child's pencil grip change as they get older?

Foundations for good fine motor skills

How can I improve my child's fine motor skills, epecially writing? This free 2 page guide covers 3 essential components or foundations which children need to develop: Mr Muscles, Fingers Fun and My Mind. These are important for good handwriting, pencil control and pencil grip

Fine Motor 101 Video

Free fine motor skills instructional video - How do fine motor skills develop from brith to 6 years? How can I select and use effective activities to improve children's fine motor skills? Watch this free instructional video 'Fine Motor Skill 101' by Ingrid C. King. 

Free song & activity video - popular with children, the song 'Clever Caterpillar' develops fine motor coordination. The demonstrated activities are great for finger strengthening. They use everyday materials. Taken from Track 5 from the Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Program.

Tips on how to teach children to cut with scissors - is there any difference between left handers and right handers when it comes to cutting with scissors? What makes it easier for children? Why are good scissor skills important? Read more in this 2 page handout.

Research paper on using the Fantastic Fingers® activities in the classroom - an early version of the program was used successfully with 5 year old students, their teacher and teacher assistant. A signifcant difference in their fine motor task performance occured after doing the activities. The paper includes references.

Why the need for developing fine motor skills and why use Fantastic Fingers®? - read a short summary on 5 important reasons to develop and improve children's fine motor skills for school. Use this information to justify the need for spending time in class on fine motor activities for your students.

Watch an introductory video

Free song & activity video - improve core stability and promote a good sitting posture with track 15 'Writing Ready' song and activities from the Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Program. The song is great for the whole class. Use it before beginning writing activities. 

Ask your question about fine motor skills - is there a question you would like answered about an aspect of fine motor skills or related topics such as handwriting or gross motor skills? Contact me and I'll try to help.

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