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Fine Motor Foundations: Activities to Improve Wrist & Forearm Strength 

Free sample: Song Words & Activities from Track 3 'Wrist Rhymes'


Watch for free one of three videos each starting with an action song with specific movements to develop strength in the wrist & forearm muscles. 


If you have bought the program you will be able to watch all the videos using your password. 


Each song is followed by fun, hands-on activities. See the book for the numeracy & literacy extension learning activities,


Tip: Building strength in these muscles allows their forearm & fingers to be kept in good position. This means that fine motor activities such as writing are done more easily & with better results.


'The boys in my group absolutely love the fishing activity. They ask for it each time.' Kerry, New Zealand


'Before I started your program my son Jonathan, aged 4 years 6 months, wasn't at all interested in drawing & wasn't really willing to try. I now believe he wasn't physically able to do what I was asking. We did the activities to improve his upper arm strength & wrist control. Then he was asking to draw! Here are the before & after photos.'  Jenny, South Africa

Fantastic Fingers fine motor program

Free Activity Demonstrations from the Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Program - includes numeracy & literacy early learning activities

Wrist Rhymes - Track 3

Here is a fun song with actions that build strength in children's wrist muscles as they pretend to be different animals. After this song see the activity demonstrations.


Refer to pp 24-27 of the book Songs & Games for Fantastic Fingers®  for the complete instructions, fortnightly program with materials required & evaluation questions plus the extension learning activities (not shown on this video). 


Use the animal character worksheets on pp 96-100 & choose from pp 160-187.

Alphabet Fishing - Track 4

While the ABC song plays, the children strengthen their wrist muscles by fishing for letters and words as they wind in a string.


This is followed by further effective games.

Use with pp 28-31 of the book. Also use the worksheets specified for the extension activities which develop motor skills and teach numeral name and order, initial sounds, blending and simple addition.

Five in the Bed - Track 11

Certain muscles in the forearm also need to be strong. This is important for positioning the hand & wrist in the best position for writing & typing. The associated activities are fun to do.


See pp 50-53 of the book. The extension activities teach counting, sequencing, subtraction, sentence making & final sounds while developing strength & the correct movement pattern.


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