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Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Skill Builders


In my occupational therapy practice, I recommend Fine Motor Skill Builders to parents & teachers who want an economical, easy to implement & systematic way to improve their child's or students' fine motor skills.


Some families can't afford OT, have difficulty accessing services or want to accelerate their child's progress at home. Teachers tell me that increasing numbers of students are staring school with under developed motor foundations for learning.

This 54 page product is available as a set of 3 PDF booklets:

  • For children between ages 3.5 & 8 years

  • 30 fun, therapeutic fine motor activities

  • Divided into 3 graded levels for blocked practice & repetitions for successful motor learning.

  • Start on Level 1, after 2 to 4 weeks, move to Level 2, then Level 3

  • One activity per page with step by step instructions & photos

  • Requires little set up or supplies

  • Options to make activities harder & variations to keep children motivated


View a sample. The activities work on specific foundations for good fine motor skills, namely:

  • Finger Fun - sensory awareness & isolated finger movements

  • Arm Action - optimal forearm & wrist position

  • Mr Muscles - builds grip & pinch strength

  • 3 Friends - precision grip & coordination

  • Prewriting Practice - flow & control of arm movements, directionality & early printing skills

Fine Motor Skill Builders
Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Skill Builders
US $12.50

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Upon payment you can download 3 booklet in PDF format. You'll also receive an email from SendOwl with information to access these booklets too.

  • Each booklet of 18 pages contains a brief introduction, activity table to show activity benefits, guidelines for use, materials list, record & comment sheet & certificate

  • Plus an introductory letter in Word format that teachers & OTs can edit for parents


Terms & Conditions:

  • You may print pages from each booklet or entire booklets for parents of children that you work with.

  • You can print up to 10% of each booklet & give this to other adults as needed.

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