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Get Fit for School Webinar - Popcorn & Animals Make My Muscles Strong!


How can we strengthen young children's bodies through play, given the increase in screen time & it's adverse affects on development? I run a popular workshop called Popcorn & Animals Make My Muscles Strong! 

I have adapted this workshop as an on-demand webinar. This means that you can view my slides & hear my presentation as a recorded video. This webinar video can be watched with a password anytime that suits you. 

As part of my Get Fit for School initiative, after your purchase, you may show this webinar to any audience up to 5 times.

Information on this 75 minute webinar:

  • Includes over 50 creative, therapeutic play-based activities including ideas for groups of children (ages 4 to 6)

  • Provides a biomechanical developmental progression with brief anatomical explanations

  • Focuses on core, upper body, wrist & hand strength using exercise, vertical & 3 Friend finger play ideas

  • Covers red flag indicators & therapeutic tips e.g. ‘what to do when a child swaps hands?’

  • Includes interactive components e.g. ‘try this now’, ‘watch this video & do the actions'

  • Ideal for occupational therapists looking for 'push-in therapy' ideas in preschool & kindergarten contexts 

  • Suitable for early childhood educators wanting a developmental approach

  • Helpful for parents to prepare their children for school & for those whose children need help with their motor skills


Feedback on this webinar:

'Amazing! Full of practical ideas for us to take away, thank you!'
'Very relevant, realistic & inspiring.'
'Thank you so much for your expertise, the content was perfect!  The feedback from my team has been incredibly positive.'
'Very well presented! Great activities to use to develop gross & fine motor. I will definitely be looking at all the websites provided in the handout.

View several slides without commentary below (select image to enlarge):

Get Fit for School Webinar.jpg
Get Fit for School Webinar
US $25


Use your phone to buy if you have problems using another device

Upon payment you'll receive a link & password to watch online plus:

  • 14 page PDF handout with links to over 20 helpful internet sites

  • Access to a short online form with questions to complete for a participation certificate/s

  • Plus an invitational flyer in Word format that you can use to promote the webinar

You'll also receive an email from SendOwl with information to access this product.​


Terms & Conditions:

  • The person who purchases this product may show the webinar to any audience up to 5 times provided that the audience is not charged a fee or asked for a donation.

  • This audience may also access the handouts, complete the short online form & receive a participation certificate.

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