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Fantastic Fingers® Handwriting Foundations Screen


How can you tell if a child is ready to start printing their letters? Does this student have the underlying skills for success?


I developed the Fantastic Fingers® Handwriting Foundations Screen to identify early handwriting needs quickly & monitor progress.  The screen provides standardised observations of functional skills in context.

This 9 page screen document:

  • Use with children between ages of 3.5 & 7 years

  • Is based on research & best OT practice to establish what foundations are important for early handwriting performance

  • Focuses on motor foundations as many children are vulnerable or at risk in their motor development

  • Consists of 5 relevant & meaningful tasks for young children in preschool & school settings

  • Takes under 15 minutes to administer

  • Can be used with one child or a small group

  • Also captures important qualitative observations

  • Uses a scoring rubric that is sensitive & reliable enough to measure changes over time when the same person administers the screen

  • Includes an easy report template with intervention guidelines & cover letter in Word format for quick electronic sharing

  • Comes with a pencil grip lesson with story & song plus intervention guide with free activities online

Fantastic Fingers Handwriting Foundations Screen
Fantastic Fingers® Handwriting Foundations Screen
US $10


Use your phone to buy if you have problems using another device

Upon payment you can download the 9 page PDF document with:

  • Information about the screen, administration & scoring instructions for the 5 tasks

  • Task sheet

  • Response form*

  • Score form* & reporting page*

  • Group record form*

  • Letter to parents*

You are also able to download the stared * pages in Word format for electronic sharing.


You'll also receive an email from SendOwl with information to access this product.

A link to the 14 page story Let’s Go Learn Good Pencil Grip is also included to help children develop a good pencil grasp.


Terms & Conditions:

  • This screen is for ONE adult to use.

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