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Home to my fine motor program - action songs, play & movement based early learning & fine motor activities for ages 4 to 6

Fantastic Fingers® Program
Book with fine motor program and fine motor activities
EBook in PDF format, songs & online videos

100 activities plus 100 printable animal character worksheets

Book with fine motor program and fine motor activities
Hard copy version

Includes instructional DVD & music CD with printable worksheets in PDF format

Free How-to Videos

Learn how to improve fine motor skills with free training plus songs and games to develop fine motor skills, early math and literacy


Is there a question about fine motor skills that you would like answered?

Research on fine motor skills and Fantastic Fingers

Research underlying   Fantastic Fingers®

Ingrid worked with teaching staff in the classroom trialling and measuring the effectiveness of the activities.

The story behind Fantastic Fingers®

'Now more than ever before, many, many children need additional opportunities to build their fine motor skills.'

How to improve fine motor skills

Workshops on Fantastic Fingers®

Ingrid presented at the Occupational Therapy Australia 26th National Conference. She conducts workshops.

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