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Messy Play Activities & Activities to Promote Tactile Sensory Processing

Messy play is so important for developing preschoolers' sensory awareness of their hands.


Free Handout: Fun Sensory Messy Play Recipes 


The activities on these videos also develop their isolated finger movements enabling them to use their fingers well, including counting on their fingers which is an important skill during the early stages of addition & subtraction.


If you have bought the program you will be able to watch all the videos using your password. 


Each song is followed by fun, hands-on activities. See the book for instructions, including the numeracy & literacy extension learning activities. 


Tip: If your child is anxious about getting their hands messy, take it slowly. First help to decrease their anxiety by providing deep pressure input which is known to be calming e.g. make fists, squeeze hard & relax. Repeat several times before & during the activity.

Tip: Playing with home made goop (coloured pink here) is also great for strengthening the fingers. Get the recipe from the free handout.

Sensory play videos from the Fantastic Fingers® Fine Motor Program - includes numeracy & literacy early learning activities

Our Hands - Track 6 

This song to the catchy tune of 'The Wheels on the Bus' uses actions in shaving foam. While improving tactile sensory processing, children learn about early literacy concepts such top to bottom & left to right.  


Refer to pp 36-39 of the book for the complete instructions, fortnightly program with materials required, evaluation questions, & the extension learning activities (not shown on this video). 

Finger Song - Track 7

This song teaches the children the names of the fingers using the Fantastic Fingers® characters of Tricky Thumb, Patty Pointer, Mickey Middle, Roly Ring & Lulu Little.


Other activities are also demonstrated. See pp 40-41 and 38-39 of the book.


Five Fingers - Track 8

Five Fingers also teaches children about their left & right hands. It is developmentally more advanced than the previous finger play from Track 7. The activity with the play dough, Blobby Fingers is really simple to do & gives good sensory input while increasing finger strength.


Refer to pp 42-23 & pp 38-39 for the fortnightly program sheet & extension activities.

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